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I’ve always had a desire to discover new places from a very early age.

Living in Indonesia for just over 2 years really opened my mind to diverse cultures and

their stunning habitats; travel is now a slight addiction.

My love for 360 technology all started when…

I was part of a technology start-up that was using geodesic domes to create immersive 360° environments.

From the very first day I was in awe of the potential to experience any location at the touch of a button.

Shortly after I purchased my first 360° camera and I started taking photos with it.

We all love sharing those special moments and that is when I started utilising Instagram.

My desire to both create and share images has taken me to some amazing places

and I’ve met some of the most talented and inspirational people along the way.

Being surrounded by beautiful locations and amazingly creative people inspired me to do something positive with this technology and that is where Project Vae was born.

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